Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Windlight 2

Using the windlight files I got from Torley Linden's wiki page the other day, I took tons of pics just to get a feel for how my place looked in the various settings.

Two emerge as my favorites.  To recreate that kind of English countryside feel you get in those gloriously filmed British sitcoms, this is FoggyMintTeaHouse:

Foggy Mint Tea House windlight setting

And for just a Mr. Rogers kind of feel to your second life, 

Midday Quiet Confidence

Torley says his favorite midday replacement is "Nostalgika," but I didn't get a pic of that one, so I must not have seen the nuanced differences at 1am this morning, hah!

Thanks to Torley for all his great work!  Now if I could just find a collection of all of Eric Linden's trees etc. in-world...

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