Wish List for SL

I know, I know, take it to the JIRA, right.  But if I'm thinking out loud, these are my own personal wishes for an SL viewer/ system.

A Shopper Viewer

- A way to tell if an item is in a box without dragging it out of your freaking inventory.  I mean, really, can this be so hard?

- And while I'm at it, what about a way to view the default attachment point before I have to put something on and literally lose my tits (or my new wedding ring  :)?

- a preference that you can set to automatically file all copiable boxes into a given folder when you open them.  But if the icons could show the difference between something that is in a box and something that is not, half of this problem would be solved.

- A way to save an outfit so that everything that is copiable *in* the outfit gets copied to the new outfit folder so that you can edit to a particular avatar size that you are choosing to be at the moment.  I would not mind supporting this option with having to pay for server space or a premium account.

A Gaming Viewer

A Role Play Viewer

A Student Viewer

A Teacher Viewer

A Gallery Explorer Viewer

A Concert Attender Viewer

Builder's Kit should be patches for these viewers.