Monday, October 31, 2011

Escapades adventure

Until November 6th, Escapades Island is hosting a quest to rescue a puppy.
A chainsaw HUD is involved.
We didn't make it that far, but we had some fun on the way.

I dare Robot L to sit with me on a spinning pumpkin and go into mouselook.

I don't for a minute believe he did it.

He *did* get himself into trouble in the junkyard,
like they used to tell us kids not to do,
by climbing into an old fridge!
Aren't they supposed to take the doors off these things now???

A wild ride later and we finally get him out!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"The Path"

L and I have been talking about getting to this art show,
and we finally found the time to make it happen today. 

This is "The Path," a show curated by Bryn Oh for the new LEA project.
Politically support it or curse it, it's giving some of my favorite artists a few prims and
a little recognition (VERY little: where's the Linden love again?).

My heart goes out to Miso who has not been feeling well lately;
she remains my favorite artist working in SL.
But "The Path" allowed us to see new work from Bryn, Scottius Polke, and Rose Borchovski,
and introduced me to some other folks as well.

Read a great account of the show here at Prim Perfect by Rowan Derryth (my kin folk! :)

Colin Fizgig as usual creates NPiRL mind/body confusions.

Maya Paris added animations to make spiders even more fun than they normally are.

Rose's work rarely makes me feel on the edge of the world.  On edge, yes, edgy, yes.

I loved playing with L in these crazy falling animations in Rose Borchovski's contribution.

Gorgeous gorgeous show.  Great narrative and solid experience.

"Host Tricia Aferdita takes us to "The Path", a collaboative art installation organized by Bryn Oh and the Linden Endowment for the Arts. We meet artists Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Douglas Story & Rose Borchovski; four of the nine artists involved in the narrative."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bryn Oh's "Family Unit"

Always get these things posted too late to act as an advertisement,

These pictures are from the "Family Unit" show at MiC - Museums of Rome Capital from late September.

Power of perceived kinship?

The path through the marsh has fallen away;
we slog through unknown depths to get we're not quite sure where,
feeling very very small.

Distracted by the beautiful scripted insects.
They are comforting yet too potentially powerful because of their size.

Okay, Alda, I'm right behind you.
No, really.

What a long past you have, Madam...

Yes, it is important to get it as straight as possible,
although none of us will ever tell the story
just exactly right.

As I was getting on (what I later saw was) the elevator to ride up to the first level of Heaven (maybe), Alda abandoned me for sleep.  
I bravely continued on, despite the elevator muzak... 
(gorgeous touch:: it's soooo the little things that count.)

The Big Picture: not quite turtles all the way down.

The challenge: to get to Heaven

The ball drops.

Texture thriller allure.

The sun's going down -- not much time left -- 

To stand between worlds


I deliberately did not take any photos of what lay beyond this door because those of you who couldn't make it up thru the tunnel don't deserve to see it, lol.

Thanks, Bryn, for another awesome show and an amazing SL experience.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't dream it --

Thinking about trying to talk my friends into giving me a Rocky Horror Picture Show rez day party in November, I poked around Marketplace to see what kinds of things were available.  After hitting on a scene by Lola Laroway, I wanted to go in-world to take a better look at her work.

This is her awesome in-world shop -- just gorgeous.

I found the scene rez area with no problems and the temp rezzer worked great to pull up
the RHPS scene, complete with this pose in the couch.

I like the way that the scene is an interpretation of the set, not a slavish attempt to copy.

At this point, I was singing, "I'm Going Home," to my friend Sunset.   He kept dancing.
I was wishing I had some cards and the animation here.  This was my personal AO sit.

Besides the RHPS set, she also has a space setting --
(which I see now that the temp rezzer did not do justice to)

but still pretty!  oooo!

and a nice interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night.  

Imagine the stars dancing around me -- they were!

Went back home after this and met another nice person in New Orleans.  I do like living there.  He reminded me that New Orleans would be a GREAT place to have a RHPS rez day party!