Disclaimer: To praise one thing is not to damn another.  This list was created for my own use, to supplement my own bad memory.  It's not to say the stores below are the "best" for something.  Also, most of the stores have many other items besides the category I have them listed for.  If you know of good stores you would like me to add, email me and I'll visit!  :) 

In-world store experiences



* Animations Roleplay Shop. Mostly Gor chores, but cheap like 10L.
iSL (11/11) at secondlife://Fellin%20Hill/9/241/71

* Gaeline Creations.  Fight animations. 

Redd Columbia by -RC- Cluster.  Objects tied to animations: crutches, clipboards, surfboards, bubble tea, snow shovels, newspaper umbrellas, airport security gates, moving boxes, glass puffies :).  GREAT RP props.

* Zambooki.  Great sets for couples and kids even.  Also distressed textures. 


* [FITCH] by Fitch Woodrunner.  Mostly men's basic avis and accessories, good and cheap.

* Fallen Gods Inc, sold by Alia Baroque.  Petite avis, fairies.

* HPMD by Sasaya Kayo.  Tiny Beagle.

* Isabel Silversmith for Delish.   99L avis, 1L swimsuits, and sexy 99L costumes.

* Tellaq by Tellaq Guardian.  Gorgeous male avis.  Men of color.

* Ultra Shape by felix Portland.  Male avis. 

* Hands - Anno Domini: "true hands."


* Azoury by Mayhem Seetan.  Dream boots.


* !Silk, Sonia's Secret.  Church dresses and hats. 

* Blaze* Fine Fashions by Blaze Columbia.  Dresses, formal and casual.  Mid-range solid work in attractive styles. 

* Blowpop sold by Annyka Bekkers.  Gorgeous lingerie, the most beautifully textured stuff I've seen outside of Vextra Fashion.  They have a lot of burgundy stuff.  :)  I am sorry to see that Annyka's Twitter feed says that she is burned out on SL.  :( 
their blog, Lick, Don't Bite:

* Elegant Seduction Lingerie.

*, by FridayAdmin Monday.  If you like the campers' clothing store at the mall: fri does thermal henleys, jeans, tanks. 

* House of London, by London Dailey.  Solid quality affordable work for avis who dress like regular people. 

* Jador by Ziamela Loon.   Couture feel.
* Lady Thera Fashions and MiDiS.  Dresses based on famous paintings.

* Rebel Hope.  Dresses, some very nice.

* Santana Lumiere.  Smexy tshirts, shorts, nails.

* Vextra Fashion by Vextra Messing.   The first lingerie I ever bought in SL came from here, and it is still some of the most beautiful clothing I own.  Vextra is here on Marketplace:
and here for the blog:


* AliciaKay Kilara.  Fun women's costumes based on fairy tales and flamenco dancers. 

* Avalon Design - Professional skin design and RP store, by Vilem Beaumont.  Armor suits for women.  (Chatelaine's, from her days with Arthur, for example.)  Fantastic.  Pricey, but they are not just suits, they are complete, customizable avatars, with AOs and scripted weapons.

* Avatar Bizarre by Sredni Eel.  Interesting men's costumes and shoulder pets.  They have a velvet goldmine outfit, a Max from the wild things outfit, etc.

* Avril's Atelier by AvrilLeona Rhiadra.  Nice Harry Potter, therefore Germanic-influenced, homes and shops.  Some nice RP clothing and hair, and full avatars included with some outfits (like the Djinn).  Live in a snowglobe, a Japanese HomeAsia Kintori, or a gypsy wagon, Hagrid's Home or a Harry Potter cottage or run a bookshop or

Caverna Obscura sold by Elvina Ewing. Gorgeous RP outfits.
Fierce Designs by Sally Soleil.  Fun costumes like Lady Liberty.  Kiss my butt mistletoe and serpentine shoes.

* Marlene Gabe.  Historical women's outfits and fun costumes.

* Piper Shan Designs.  RP outfits with nice textures.

* Quality Designs, sold by Eric Humby.  Lots of musketeers stuff, pirates, historical.  Men's and women's.

* Unzipped by Destany Laval.  Not only beautiful RP clothes and boots, but also Photoshop tools of stitch brushes and templates that may finally allow me to make a nice leather armor vest.

* ViGo Creations, by Vilandra Miles.  Pre-Medieval fantasy wear.

* ViPs CoRnEr by bee Tizzy.  Strange collection of odds and ends, reasonably priced.  Monik skin is here.

* Voltaire Boccaccio.  Historical men's costumes particularly.


* Peqe, sold by Inex Hax.  Leggings and dresses.

* SoliDea FoliEs @SaliMar, sold by Mila Tatham.  Wow.

Ethnic  (see also Skins)

Zaara by Zaara Kohime.  Beautiful Indian-inspired clothes.


* Divinity, by Vivianne OFlynn.  Crazy high-prim, but worth every one if you have them.  Gorgeous cakes.  Corporate gifts, gift baskets, meeting doughnuts & coffee set, indoor salad garden, choco Valentine's boxes; Easter cakes; Mardi Gras set; amazingly creative and functional.

* Victorias Little Secrets Store sold by TahitiSweetie Firelight.  Low-prim party solutions, including many givers. 


Dutchie by Froukje Hoorenbeek.  Great quality, careful prim usage.  Great design.  Also misc stuff and home decor.
In-world at secondlife://Dutchie%20Furniture/176/129/22

* PrimPossible - 1 Prim Furniture sold by Ample Clarity.  A 1-prim concert grand piano with 15 songs.

* What Next sold by Winter Thorn.  Gorgeous.  The newer stuff is lower prim. (yay!)

Games and Fun with Friends

* Metamorph Sky Shop & More from Michelle Morphett.  RPG dice set: AWESOME. 


Maitreya hair by Onyx LeShelle. 
in-world at secondlife://Maitreya%20Isle/206/145/27  

Home Decor

By Georgia! Creative Clutter by Brann Georgia.  Clutter to lay around: 1-prim clothes to leave on the floor, desk stuff.
* Glimmer Moon, sold by Dancer Glimmer.  Vintage too and low prim!

Homes / Houses

* Funky Junk, sold by Ulaa Coronet.  Beautiful funky interior textures.

* Gaudion Architecture, sold by Gaydion Asbrink.  Gorgeous homes if you have the prims.


Lapointe & Bastchild Designs, Paul Lapointe.  Leather jackets.

Kid's stuff

* Photon Pink.  One of Emmie's favorite stores for plastic jewelry and other things that make you smile. 
In-world at 

* Redd Columbia by -RC- Cluster.  Lunch trays, blanket forts, fun fun loads of great animations loaded into great objects.
Romeys Kreations.  RP kids' stuff: Western; clubhouses; footy pjs; trikes; toys; pie.  

Mardi Gras (see also Textures)

Amilia Zabaleta. Beads.

* Champagne! Sparkling Couture by Enzo Champagne.  Serious Mardi Gras costuming.
at Flickr

Food at Cas by Casandra Jackson.  Food, mardi gras and otherwise.  King cake.

Redd Columbia by -RC- Cluster.  Another spin on the King cake.

Sho Kyong.  Mardi gras outfits 

Silverr Andel.  Textures.

* SimonTemplar Bernard.  Dia de los Muertos stuff, barrel of dead republicans.  :)   Beach shack and red rugs. 

Mesh stuff 

LaRosa Virtual World Fashion sold by Iarosa Kohime 

Open Source and Crazy Cheap by Josh Susanto.

Redd Columbia by -RC- Cluster.  Objects tied to animations: crutches, clipboards, snow shovels, newspaper umbrellas, airport security gates, moving boxes, glass puffies :).

* The Sci-Fi Experience Amusement Park Store, sold by Wayne Redenblack.  When you need things like Kool-Aid suits and working replicators and Cartman avatars.

* Victorias Little Secrets Store sold by TahitiSweetie Firelight.  Low-prim items, among them, a trail of horse hoof prints that I am getting to memorialize Mustang Dragon. 

* Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia, sold by Wildroses Pevensey.  More things than are dreamt of in your imaginings... 
in-world at Mata Hari 

* Yuriko Nishi.  Great workout equipment; vehicles.

* ThatChick.  Sold by  Anastasia Domenici.  Great props, furniture, outfits.  My favorite is the paper airplane surfer. 

Retro (see Vintage-inspired)


* Paskis Robinson. 


* Brands by Madeliefste Oh.  cYo line of objects + photoshop files.  Pricey but nice.  Also mid-range dance dresses.

Shoes (see also Boots)

J's by JB Gazov.  Shoes and cowboy boots.

lassitude & ennui by Jackal Ennui.  Boots - flats etc.  My steampunk-y boots came from here.

Maitreya Gold by Onyx LeShelle.  Dream shoes. 

* Vanilla C. Designs by Vanilla Chemistry.  Shoes, dresses, vintage and vintage-inspired.  Gorgeous. 

WCI - West Coast Influenced by BunnyLoven Short.  Cute inexpensive shoes.

** personal wishlist -- wonderlost shoes 


Fierce Body BoutiQue by SueMoria Emerald. Skins for women of color. 

Sound Effects 

* meadowWorks by Garvie Garzo (from Builder's Brewery).  Objects and builds loaded with interactive sounds.  Halloween, spring meadow.

* Miso Susanowa's shop, wherever it is, for the sound of art.


* anyraya Braveheart.  Masks, flowers, statues, paintings, low-prim furniture.

* Jordanna Hamaski's Shabby Chic and Chicaholic.  Vintage.  Has the wallpaper from Swamp (arcadia's work?)

* Kyla's $10L store by Kylara Kuhn.

* Limehouse at Moonstone Bay by Aliah Hirano.

* Maruti Textures, sold by Mook Maruti.  Thousands of good alpha mask textures.

* Peeps by Jennylynn Capalini.  Great all-around store.  Masks, lickable whipped cream outfit.  :)

* Teq Hutchinson.  Asian masks, zen gardens.

* Virtual Textures by Chica Indigo.  Day of the Dead, fabrics, gingerbread house, snow. 

* Zambooki.  Distressed textures.  Also animations. 


* Ron Shop Rsbbit Castle, by masaki Congrejo.  Movement HUDs for action and dance; dresses and hats; dwarf dolls  :-).

* Silverr Andel. Tinies costume clothing


* Facelight.  Buy almost any outfit from Tayren Theas of Tayren's Fantasy Fashions and you will get an awesome facelight and its controlling HUD for free.  Great clothes, great extras.


* Velocity Aeronautics by Angus Chrome.  Airplanes and flying toilets...

* Yuriko Nishi.  Motorcycle, misc.  Great workout equipment.


* Artilleri by Antonia Marat.  Wonderful things, a bit high prim, but beautifully constructed.  Clothing especially is fantastic.  Eyeglasses, a Tahoe tv, poodle skirts, etc.  Blog at

* League by Nena Janus.  Mad skills on detail.  Jewelry, outfits.

* Old Time Prims sold by Mila Edelman.  Amazing vintage.

* Vita Bella Vintage Fashion sold by Anabella Llewellyn.  Marilyn Monroe dresses; Hollywood wiggle dresses.  :)

Pretty red things: Mare Vollmar
Big store, good costumes: ViPs CoRnEr by bee Tizzy