Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Windlight 2

Using the windlight files I got from Torley Linden's wiki page the other day, I took tons of pics just to get a feel for how my place looked in the various settings.

Two emerge as my favorites.  To recreate that kind of English countryside feel you get in those gloriously filmed British sitcoms, this is FoggyMintTeaHouse:

Foggy Mint Tea House windlight setting

And for just a Mr. Rogers kind of feel to your second life, 

Midday Quiet Confidence

Torley says his favorite midday replacement is "Nostalgika," but I didn't get a pic of that one, so I must not have seen the nuanced differences at 1am this morning, hah!

Thanks to Torley for all his great work!  Now if I could just find a collection of all of Eric Linden's trees etc. in-world...

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Kardesh had me playing with face and body lights the other night after he taught me how to make one; he showed me that using different shapes and colors can really affect the way your avi looks.  (That's one thing I like about K: it's all about the details, and that's how it is for me too.)  I love to take screenshots of the avis in SL, so I want to play with this a lot more.
Another thing that I'm learning is GREAT for photos is windlight settings for the water and sky.  Torley has a great page on the wiki about them here, and there's a download zipped file of bunches of his own preferred settings there too.  I just found that today, so I'll post more pics here as I try them.  Meanwhile, here's one I did inworld the other night.

Long Beach Carnival and Amusement Park

Kardesh and I have been having such a good time lately with vehicular explorations that we decided to extend that to amusement park rides.  Long Beach Carnival and Amusement Park, by Ellen Spark, is a solid well conceived venue with lots of neat couple poseball rides built in and food vendors for when you get hungry.  We rode bumper cars (which to me was the most fun: when K started multitasking me to a really noticeable degree, it was nice to be able to whack him one), a water slide, and this sweet couples swing.
K and C at Long Beach
He also got me on a ferris wheel contraption when we first got there, but I got dizzy dizzy!!  I need dramamine for SL!  (haha, how true is that -- any drug with the word "drama" in it is perfect for SL!)

60 Linden favs: 26 December; Mad Rose

So the 60 Linden Sunday shopping list came out early this week.  Besides just the regular wonderfulnesses that I've come to expect from Altya's Dream Creations (this week's Death Teddy  is sold in tiny avatar, greeter bot, and shoulder pet versions) -- Michigan's Shack offers low-rent cuddle accomodations for that bachelor look; Soleil Levant has a couch (I always just get lost wandering around the store); Kabuki Creations has more beautiful animated poses; AuroraSkye Creations' offers a new dancing outfit -- this week, I have some new favs.
Gumi's Bad Box has a rose in a glass this week that, in addition to a friend asking me to pick up one of the lickable "eat the fruits" outfits for him (yes, Kardesh, it's transferable, LOL), got me into their store for the first time, and boy was that a treat.  That also happened to me when I went to pick up Kittycat's Creations Russian Tea version of her tray service and found, in the mall with her, Mad Rose, my favorite new source for strange weaponry.  I picked up so many things there so quickly -- a Croquette Mallet with holster, a Maul of Giant Slaying, Throwing Jacks, and a Combat Knife -- that the designer, Genesis Barthelmess, came on and gave me a sword from the Alice Wars series (weaponry based on Alice in Wonderland): the White Rabbit.   When I thanked him profusely and told him that I was using the weapons in zombie sims, he told me that he had the perfect weapon for me, and he proceeded to lay on me this beautiful thing: the p-3b "Naval": so new, he told me, that it's not even in the box yet so he gave me the gun and holster separately.
My friend Kimmy messaged me and tp'd in to look around the shop a bit.  As always when we're together, it wasn't long until we started getting into trouble.  We rode the sled around that Kardesh and I had so much fun on the other day (K, where are those pics?), but inside the store, it was trickier to navigate.  Pretty soon, Kimmy started getting bored and wanted to shoot the place up a bit.

Thankfully, a band she wanted to hear was starting so she tp'd away before the mall owners could catch up to her.  I barely remembered to grab the sled before I bolted.
So here's to 60Linden shopping: finding new designers, supporting quality creators, spending time with friends, and getting just way cool stuff!

:)   Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

60 Linden favs: 5 December

My favorite 60 Linden Sunday sale item this week was a sexy sled from Michigan Shack called "Empty My Sack" haha -- they often put real driveable cars and other L400+ items up in the Sunday sale, so I watch them carefully.  This one has more than 250 menu options, and there are some nice PG cuddles and dances in that menu.
It'll pair with a sexy Santa suit from Sweeter than Candy that I bought in last week's 60 Linden for some Christmas postcards to send my friends this year.

The sweater texture is gorgeous, and the boots themselves would have been worth a couple hundred.

Almost time for a new 60 Linden Sunday!