Saturday, December 25, 2010

Long Beach Carnival and Amusement Park

Kardesh and I have been having such a good time lately with vehicular explorations that we decided to extend that to amusement park rides.  Long Beach Carnival and Amusement Park, by Ellen Spark, is a solid well conceived venue with lots of neat couple poseball rides built in and food vendors for when you get hungry.  We rode bumper cars (which to me was the most fun: when K started multitasking me to a really noticeable degree, it was nice to be able to whack him one), a water slide, and this sweet couples swing.
K and C at Long Beach
He also got me on a ferris wheel contraption when we first got there, but I got dizzy dizzy!!  I need dramamine for SL!  (haha, how true is that -- any drug with the word "drama" in it is perfect for SL!)

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