Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't dream it --

Thinking about trying to talk my friends into giving me a Rocky Horror Picture Show rez day party in November, I poked around Marketplace to see what kinds of things were available.  After hitting on a scene by Lola Laroway, I wanted to go in-world to take a better look at her work.

This is her awesome in-world shop -- just gorgeous.

I found the scene rez area with no problems and the temp rezzer worked great to pull up
the RHPS scene, complete with this pose in the couch.

I like the way that the scene is an interpretation of the set, not a slavish attempt to copy.

At this point, I was singing, "I'm Going Home," to my friend Sunset.   He kept dancing.
I was wishing I had some cards and the animation here.  This was my personal AO sit.

Besides the RHPS set, she also has a space setting --
(which I see now that the temp rezzer did not do justice to)

but still pretty!  oooo!

and a nice interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night.  

Imagine the stars dancing around me -- they were!

Went back home after this and met another nice person in New Orleans.  I do like living there.  He reminded me that New Orleans would be a GREAT place to have a RHPS rez day party!

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