Friday, October 21, 2011

Bryn Oh's "Family Unit"

Always get these things posted too late to act as an advertisement,

These pictures are from the "Family Unit" show at MiC - Museums of Rome Capital from late September.

Power of perceived kinship?

The path through the marsh has fallen away;
we slog through unknown depths to get we're not quite sure where,
feeling very very small.

Distracted by the beautiful scripted insects.
They are comforting yet too potentially powerful because of their size.

Okay, Alda, I'm right behind you.
No, really.

What a long past you have, Madam...

Yes, it is important to get it as straight as possible,
although none of us will ever tell the story
just exactly right.

As I was getting on (what I later saw was) the elevator to ride up to the first level of Heaven (maybe), Alda abandoned me for sleep.  
I bravely continued on, despite the elevator muzak... 
(gorgeous touch:: it's soooo the little things that count.)

The Big Picture: not quite turtles all the way down.

The challenge: to get to Heaven

The ball drops.

Texture thriller allure.

The sun's going down -- not much time left -- 

To stand between worlds


I deliberately did not take any photos of what lay beyond this door because those of you who couldn't make it up thru the tunnel don't deserve to see it, lol.

Thanks, Bryn, for another awesome show and an amazing SL experience.

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