Friday, September 9, 2011

Wonder Lost: RP sim opens today

Received an IM from Genesis Barthelmess of Mad Rose Technicalities announcing that a new role-play sim called, "Wonder Lost" would be opening and that Mad Rose is the featured builder.  There is a discount Mad Rose store on the sim, which would be reason enough to visit.  I suited up in Zombie Killer version 2 thinking that would be adequate for whatever Mad Rose had to throw at me in a sim called, "Wonder Lost."
Zombie-killer, v.2

preparing to leave the house
Well, "adequate" is a good word for how I felt when I teleported in to another take on the ongoing "Alice Wars" (haha the story of my last year, if you know the joke, but that taxing fruitless battle is all over now.).  Mad Rose has been involved in creating excellent role-play around the Alice in Wonderland stories for a long time.  If I find out more, I'll post here, or post links if I get them to the larger "Alice Wars" project.

Look at the costumes of the players carefully and you will see why "adequate" is about as good as I could call my own.
teleporting in: the hub
Greeted at the hub by Erzsebet Mendle, one of the sim designers, who is in costume, I think, as the Red Queen.  I could not take my eyes off the shifting tentacles of her dress.  I'm glad I didn't see her face at this point in my trip or I might have, like one confronted with Medusa, turned to stone right there.  

At the welcome hub, I was told that the sim does not officially open until tomorrow, so I didn't have to worry about an observer tag or anything else at this point.  I collected the notecards that explained the sim, the character roles, and the rules but didn't worry about reading them before I went to have a look 'round, under the circumstances.
uh oh.  This can't be good.
After coming into the sim in a padded room with blood on the walls, I decide that maybe I should take a look at the notecards! 
looking around
The sim is based around the idea that it is an asylum, and Alyss Liddell is one of the residents there.
Bars, no matter how beautiful, are still bars.

a sea of tea
After seeing the beauty and the wonder of the builds, I didn't want to experience any more of it out of character.  I had decided as I was looking at the character choices, a child would be the best kind of character to play, sort of a zombie-killer little kid character who was coming in to try to save someone.

I was reminded of the old role-play game, Little Fears, as I started to think about my avi.
I want to pull that old game book back out some time and get some ideas.
(Oh, look, it has a wikipedia page!)
back to the hub for a quick OCC chat
More later as I have time to look up info and go back in.

Cheshire is hanging upside down
screenie so you can see the depth of the RP

The Mad Hatter, whose AO is a perfect fit

feeling like I'm standing a bit too close

The Red Queen and The White Queen

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