Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adventures with Kimmy and Chat

Found a great furniture store, Lok's Low Prim Furniture/127/128/22 by Sera Lok, last night.  Lots of freebies, and see the boards in the back of the store (facing the ocean beyond the Neko stuff and the bedroom furni) for a huge collection of the old Arcadia Asylum stuff (see Bettina's old blog entry for more).   After gifting everyone who responded in the Doctor Who chat group with a copy of the Doctor Who pinball machine, I stumbled on around the store, my banana daiquiri in hand, until I found a Dumpster with a dive animation and freebie stuff in it too.

I contemplated whether it was worth putting the daiquiri down.

I made the decision to go all in and see what was there. 

You can almost see my "in case of emergency, break glass" for waffle backpack in this photo.
Tramp stamp is fairly visible haha
Dang!  Where's the bottom of this thing?  No, not my bottom!
After getting a few pretty good things, I told Kimmy about it and she came over to give it a shot too.  (No, the blood on her wedding gown is from the katana sticking out of her chest, not a gunshot.)  

Kimmy shows up in my favorite outfit
Drunken stumble to the back of the dumpster netted me a dump in the ocean a few minutes after this pic was taken.
Drying out while Kimmy decides if I'm out of my mind or if she knows I am and it's okay.

She seemed a bit dubious at first, but being the great adventurer she is 
(even given the slow netbook), she soon went heads-down.  

Go Kimmy Go!!
 We contemplated doing more but seemed to be finding duplicates after 4 or 5 items. 

After getting a bit mucky, Kimmy decided to take the higher ground haha. 

Where did I leave that daiquiri?

I finally joined her on the wall and we spent the rest of the evening talking about all and sundry,
from aquariums and RVs to home life and gardening.   I so love this girl.   

Daiquiri recovered, life is good.
Pretty girl, but how much blood!

Finally Second Life knew that I had to get some sleep so booted me out about 5am my time!! 
Thanks Kimmy for the good company and another memorable adventure!! 

P.S.  Yes, did you know that Dumpster is a trademarked name?  

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