Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miso Susanowa at burn2

Miso Susanowa's House of Cards at burn2
I was over at sororNishi's blog yesterday, thinking about taking a break in my work to go into SL and check out burn2 (go!! go!!:  Here's Miso's map!), and lo and behold, soror is talking about going to Miso's installation there.  Of course Miso has an installation there, I realize, and soror too (I would put this together after a few more minutes' time!!) but this is the curse of the SL noob (I'm still one month away from being a year old: 20 November will be it for me): I just don't think about all of the cool things happening in Second Life until I remember to start looking to see some of the cool things my friends are doing in Second Life.

And the only thing better than going to one of Miso's installations is going after you've read about what she's doing in a piece.  There is almost nothing better (with the exception of maybe 4 poseballs in the known universe) than chatting with Miso about her work, but if you can't catch her online, her blog posts capture a small shiny shard.

Miso Susanowa's House of Cards at burn2
Miso's show took me into a transpondence of emotional sound.  I was there for at least an hour.  I don't know how she so well stretches the limited resources of SL looped sound and scripting languages, but the effect of the recordings was hypnotic and mind-altering.
Be sure to click around on things when you go: there is nuance of sound to be discovered.

I have to go back for soror's (???? link to work inworld? ) tonight.

(*apologies to Bau for my current "look" -- I've recently begun wearing skins and shapes like they are clothing.  And the mood I've been in lately... well..)

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  1. Thank you Chatelaine for your lovely comments in person and here about my build! It's been tremendous fun talking to all the visitors and seeing the other terrific builds at thei Burn!